Corporate Wellness

Something tells us that your employees are smart, passionate people who want to make the most of every day and live long, healthy lives.

And you, simply by showing up here, are clearly an employer who wants the same for them. Kudos to you. We’re here to help.

A wellness partnership with FORME can have countless benefits when it comes to your employee’s health, your workplace culture, and your bottom line, like:

  1. Boosting employee morale
  2. Reducing elevated health risks and healthcare costs
  3. Increasing productivity
  4. Decreasing absenteeism and burnout
  5. Improving employee recruitment and retention

With FORME, your employees will gain access to LA’s top instructors, hundreds of unique classes, and motivating content that keeps them healthy, happy, and engaged at work.

We’re in the business of making home fitness personal, and we’d love to help your business by helping your people.